Gavrilovka and Gavrilovski Law Office

Practice areas

1. Commercial Law

Our general corporate practice focuses on the following issues, among others:

2. Real Estate and Construction

Our real estate practice activities encompass negotiating, drafting of purchase/sale, lease and construction agreements, structuring of transactions, advice with local laws and procedures, representation of both buyers and sellers. We handle both routine and complex transactions and disputes. Our services in this area comprise:

Our clientele includes investors and sellers, lenders and tenants, builders, developers, brokers, both firms and individuals, which have come to enjoy a professional work product, scheduled to meet their needs.

3. Restructuring and Insolvency

We represent clients such as secured creditors, lenders groups and trustees, as well as corporate debtors in bankruptcy cases and all phases of foreclosure and major collection work. Our team provides debt and financial analysis and draft restructuring plans. Our Attorneys expertise extends also to banking, corporate, securities, labour, tax, real estate and other matters to support, document and close transactions arising in the restructure area.

4. Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Gavrilovska & Gavrilovski Law Office offers our clients the litigation expertise and experience necessary to prosecute or defend various commercial and business disputes, including breach of contract, copyright/trademark infringement, fraud and other intentional torts, bankruptcy and creditor’s rights, employment, tax and other business related litigation. Our attorneys also handle all types of serious injury case, including medical malpractice, work injuries, product liability, personal injury as well as divorce proceedings. We offer litigation services in other areas, like real estate disputes, administrative law matters. We are able to provide pre-litigation planning and litigation analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the case. We may represent clients in all litigation-related work such as collection of evidence, injunctions and other preliminary relief and foreclosure related to debts collection.

However, we well understand that disputes are often best resolved outside the court. So, our lawyers are committed to exploring arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution where appropriate or in our client’s best interest. Our Law Office tries to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions to its clients; if possible, we provide advice and action plans that help client avoid costly and clumsy litigation.

5. Administrative Law

Our Administrative law practice is closely related to the administrative and punishing provisions of the laws regulating securities, capital markets, insurance companies and pension funds, banks and non-banking financial institutions and intellectual property infringements.


Our Office maintains the belief that Attorneys should uphold the rule of law, not only when they defend a client in Court, but also when they provide legal counsel. We offer expert consultation and quality legal advice in various areas of the Law.

7. Intellectual Property Law

For the services we offer in the field of the Industrial Property and Copyright please visit our specialized web site: